Aviation Services

Trinidad and Tobago is earmarked to become the regional aviation hub. Backed by a well-established industry, the country is an aviation centre with significant experience in airport administration, air traffic management, aviation inspection, advanced training and air navigation services.

Key players

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is the major employer in the local industry, with the majority of workers in airport administration and security.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates and administers a safe, civil aviation system to ensure that Trinidad and Tobago properly discharges its obligations under international civil aviation agreements and treaties, in particular, the Chicago Convention

The National Helicopter Services Limited provides oil and gas offshore flights, VIP flights, aerial surveys and photography, and medevac services.

Key activities
  • Piarco International Airport, Trinidad
  • A.N.R. Robinson International Airport, Tobago
  • Camden Airfield in Central Trinidad

Aviation Services

  • Private and commercial fixed-wing services include private transfers, cargo transfers, commercial airlines, aerial advertising and crop spraying.
  • Helicopter services include anti-crime services, private transfers, air ambulances and offshore services.

Advanced Training

The Civil Aviation Training Centre, operated by the CAA, provides qualified, skilled workers in the areas of Air Navigation, Aviation Security, Aviation Management and Commercial and Private flying. It is an ICAO/Trainair Plus Member and an authorized training centre for IATA. It is also affiliated with the Civil Aviation Academy in Singapore and delivers programs for the University of Southern California.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago has completed the majority of the construction of an Aviation Campus at Camden Airfield. This will provide aircraft maintenance and engineering training with management components.

Airport City Development

The Piarco AeroPark is T&T's step into the future of aviation business in the Caribbean. Based on an 'aerotropolis' concept, the Park is designed to be a mixed use area spanning several industries such as retail, manufacturing, cargo and aircraft repair. The lands will be leased to a cross section of business types with the desire to develop and grow their businesses within the Piarco International Airport as a hub in the Latin American Caribbean Region.

Why invest in Aviation?

Local & Regional Demand

Trinidad and Tobago has a vibrant offshore industry due to the presence of oil and gas companies. This increases the demand for helicopter services and for the export of aviation services to regional markets such as Suriname, Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica.


The Piarco AeroPark provides a lucrative opportunity for companies requiring the logistical advantage of having a facility at the aerodrome where they can conduct cargo handling, warehousing, terminal activities, distribution and administration.


Investors for the Piarco AeroPark will qualify to be considered for tourism development incentives

Low business costs

The cost of available technical skills at international standard is one third of the labour costs for the same skills in developed markets

Investment Opportunities

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facility

Piarco Aeropark

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