Creative Industries


Description of the Sector

Trinidad and Tobago is known for its cultural diversity and rich historical roots. The blend of these attributes has resulted in a microcosm of creative talent and  best practice  models for the island’s creative sectors. Key subsectors that have emerged include Fashion, Film and Entertainment and Animation. These areas have been thriving and expanding and present appeal to a growing international market.

The main drivers behind this growth are a large pool of talented professionals per subsector, increased market access through international trade agreements, tertiary diploma and degree programs, stable economy and strong intellectual property legislation.

Key factors include:

  • 150% Tax Deduction for sponsorship of creative works
  • 35% rebate on local production expenditure for film industry.
  • Over 150 trained  and experienced animators
  • Large talented pool of creative professionals in fashion, music, carnival arts and multi-media
  • Increased market access for creative industries through EPA

Investment opportunities

  • On-location filming shoots
  •  A sound & music equipment facility
  • A carnival entertainment centre
  • Sound Stages
  • Dubbing and subtitling facility
  • Industrial park dedicated to “Made in TT” appareland carnival costume production
  • Joint venture relationship/partnership with animation studio Full Circle Animation Limited

Domestic Market Size

  • Population 1,341,000
  • Local 2D Anination Companies – 3
  • Local 3D Animation Companies – 1
  • 11 Television stations

Labour Market

Professional and skilled labour can be sourced locally, as there are over 400 university graduates each year from the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tertairy education and training is provided by the University via the following programs:


  • BFA - Performing Arts
  • BFA – Fashion Design
  • Diploma – Digital Media Studies
  • Diploma in Fashion Management

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