Downstream Energy

Trinidad and Tobago boasts a well-established, energy-based economy. The nation is currently ranked as the number one single site exporter of methanol and ammonia in the world and a major exporter of LNG to the United States. A major player in the international iron and steel market, as well as in the export of crude oil and refined petroleum products, the country is now considered a gas economy, with gas-based production exceeding oil production in terms of contribution to GDP.

The island is an optimal location to access Spanish and English speaking Latin American and Caribbean countries; there are 40 daily flights to countries in the region, guaranteed low cost of operations via low energy rates, competitive office space and quality labour with job mobility across CARICOM.


The country has comparable incentives to other regional locations. Companies may benefit from being located in a free zone where they are exempt from customs duties, value added tax and income tax on dividends for an indefinite period. There is 100% ownership of locally registered companies; there are no foreign exchange controls, and companies can enjoy full repatriation of funds. Incentives for staff training will also be considered based on the specific needs of the operator.


Trinidad and Tobago provides access to an extended market of 947 million people through trade agreements with Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, France, USA, Canada, and Cuba, Europe.

The country also participates in a trade programme known collectively as the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), which is a vital element of US economic relations with its neighbours in Central America and the Caribbean.


Trinidad and Tobago has traditionally been an important oil and gas producing country. We are currently the largest supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the United States. The abundant reserves of natural gas and strategic government initiatives have encouraged huge inflows of foreign direct investment into downstream gas-based projects.

The country’s hydrocarbon resources, and in particular its natural gas, of which approximately 4.2 billion cubic feet per day ( Average for 2011) is produced, have enabled it to become the most industrialised Caribbean nation. Natural Gas reserves are estimated at 27 trillion cubic feet.

Natural Gas Production 2010

Methanol 6.5 million tonnes
Ammonia 5.6 million tonnes
Urea 495,000 tonnes
Nitric Acid 1.3 million tonnes
Ammonium Nitrate 630,000 tonnes
UAN 1.5 million tonnes
Melamine 60,000 tonnes
Urea Formaldehyde 12,000 tonnes
Iron and Steel 4.7 million tonnes


  • Highly developed oil, petrochemical and steel industries
  • Access to developed and emerging markets
  • Highly skilled and trained labour force
  • Competitive energy costs
  • Competitive raw material cost and availability
  • Competitive fiscal incentives
  • Excellent infrastructure and support services for heavy industries
  • Developed support and secondary industries
  • Advanced education and training facilities
  • Excellent living standards and communities for foreign nationals and their families
  • Access to a highly developed communications infrastructure
  • No foreign exchange controls


Melamine Manufacturing

Applications of melamine are vast and it plays a vital role in improving the quality, safety, durability and aesthetic appearance of products such as laminated surfaces, adhesives and resins for wood-based panels, just to name a few. Additional industries such as melamine moulding compounds, dinnerware, laminates, adhesives, coatings and plasticizers make heavy use of melamine. A lot of market potential resides in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries. Due to the growing GDP and increasing population in those countries, drivers such as increased consumerism and an expanding middle class creates added potential for consumer products using.


Plastics Low, medium, high density Polyethylene
Metals Direct Reduction, Steel Mill
Biochemicals Maleic Anhydride
Alternative Energy Projects Solar Panel manufacture
Inorganic Chemicals The expansion of Trinidad and Tobago’s existing natural gas utilisation mix lends to the creation of a diversified sustainable petrochemical industry. At present, Trinidad and Tobago is interested in companies that are looking to develop both integrated and non-integrated inorganic chemical manufacturing plants. Caustic potash and sulphuric acid/oleum are considered building blocks for the production of a number of downstream products.

Energy-based Manufacturing

The products selected have diversified application sectors and the proposed manufacturing projects have been shortlisted with the intention of sourcing the raw material from Trinidad and Tobago and the CARICOM region.

Product Applications & Target Markets: Caustic Potash Complex


Application Sector

Target Market

Caustic Potash

Dyes, pharmaceuticals, pestcides, water treatment, petroleum refining, liquid fertilizers, soap/detergent/bleaching industry etc.

CARICOM and Americas


Pulp and paper, pesticides, PVC resins, disinfectants, bleaches, cotton and cotton blended textiles, pharmaceuticals

CARICOM and Americas


Petroleum recovery and refining, fuel cells, food, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals etc

CARICOM and Americas

Product Application & Target Markets: Sulphur Complex Product


Application Sector

Target Market

Sulphuric Acid/ Oleum

Fertilizers, metal processing, industry, textiles, dyes and dyestuff, wood pulping, detergent, pesticides, bulk/intermediate drugs

CARICOM and Americas

Iron Oxide Pigment

Paints, rubber and paving blocks, printing/ink, tiles, linoleum,
asphalt, foam leather

CARICOM and Americas


Textile industry/ vat dyes, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, clay (kaolin) industry

CARICOM and Americas

Precipitated Silica

Rubber industry, pesticides, poultry/animal feed,toothpaste, cosmetics,food/salt

CARICOM and Americas

Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS)

Non-phosphorous laundry powder, dishwashing liquids, shampoo, personal care products

CARICOM and Americas

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate (LABS)

Household detergents including laundry powder, dishwashing liquid and other household cleaners

CARICOM and Americas

Sodium Lauryl Benzene Sulphonate (LABS)

Synthetic shampoos, shaving creams, toothpaste, cosmetics/toilet soaps

CARICOM and Americas


Base material for nylon 6

CARICOM and Americas

Product Applications & Target Market: Non-Integrated Facilities


Application Sector

Target Market

Hydrogen Peroxide

Textile, paper and pulp bleaching,water and effluent treatment, antiseptic agent in pharmaceuticals, raw material for organic-inorganic chemicals, dyestuff and pesticides

CARICOM and Americas

Sodium Percarbonate

Detergents, dyestuffs, food bleaches, pulp and paper bleaches, waste water treatment, personal care formulations

CARICOM and Americas

Sodium Chlorate

Paper, dyestuff

CARICOM and Americas

Calcium Carbonate

Paper, plastics, rubber, paints and surface coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, putty, caulk and sealants

CARICOM and Americas

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