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IT Labour Services Survey

At invesTT, we’re committed to providing international investors with high quality information about Trinidad’s economy, culture and labour force. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the release of our “IT Services Labour Survey.” The survey is now live and we’d like to formally invite IT professionals from across Trinidad and Tobago to fill it out.

We’ve written about Trinidad’s impressive information and communication technology (ICT) labour force on this blog before, and our “IT Services Labour Survey” survey was designed to arm our potential global partners with more pointed information about the state of the skilled ICT workforce in our region.

The survey data will provide the following information about ICT workers in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Age and qualifications
  • Geographic distribution by city / region
  • Compensation levels
  • Skill level on different operating systems
  • Programming language competency
  • English language proficiency

If you’re a resident of Trinidad and Tobago and you work in the IT Services field, please take a few moments to fill out our survey. It arms international companies with important information about the size, location and skill level of our ICT labour force and helps them understand why Trinidad and Tobago offers major advantages over other locations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Click here to take the survey.

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