In push for non-energy foreign investment, Trinidad announces rebrand

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If this were a movie, this would be a job for Spielberg, Scorsese or the Coen brothers. One of the smallest countries in Latin America and the Caribbean has become one of the most prosperous. By thinking big. By managing its affairs and resources well. So well, huge companies like BP and Microsoft want to do business there.

It is an amazing story that deserves to be told, and invesTT, Trinidad and Tobago’s national investment promotion agency, has just issued this RFP to give the best nation-branding experts in the world a chance to tell it.

Development of Trinidad and Tobago Country Brand

This the story of how Trinidad has started to steer its economy away from oil and gas to develop other sectors like manufacturing and tourism. The long-term strategy is economic prosperity which is boosted by energy exports, not dependent on it.

It’s working.

But for some recent contraction brought on by the global economic crisis, Trinidad’s economy has thrived over the past decade.

The government is now focused on film, fashion, ship repair and transshipment, data storage, financial services and agribusiness—lucrative business opportunities it expects foreign investors will warm to given the country’s ideal location and access to North and South American markets.

How do you market a place like this? A place with such a “can-do” attitude, it has punched above its weight to become one of the largest exporters of methanol and ammonia in the world and the biggest supplier of liquefied natural gas to America.

How do you share the home of the liveliest Carnival on earth, with people who are looking for a good time and a good place to live and work?

Thinking big is the reason Trinidad holds the record for the smallest country to ever qualify for the World Cup.

“If your firm specialises in country branding or place marketing," says invesTT president Kelvin Mahabir, "this is an exciting challenge to make the world want what we have to offer.”

Is your branding agency up for the challenge?

Click here to download the RFP and be sure to check out the video.

UPDATE: Deadline for downloading this tender has passed.

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