Poland explores aviation, construction investments in Trinidad

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Polish Ambassador Piotr Kaszuba visiting Minister Winston Dookeran of Trinidad and Tobago
Polish ambassador Piotr Kaszuba visited Minister Winston Dookeran during his trip to Trinidad in June. Kaszuba is based in Venezuela, and came to pitch Polish companies at the 2013 TIC.

Polish ambassador to Venezuela Piotr Kaszuba told local media that his country’s expansion plans include potential investments in Trinidad and Tobago in aviation, maritime development, construction and agribusiness.

Kaszuba spoke at the 2013 Trade and Investment Conference (TIC), where he pitched Polish companies like the Hemlecki Group, a construction giant that has helped to make Poland the EU’s sixth largest economy.

As the Caribbean’s commercial transport hub, Trinidad also stands to benefit from Polish thought-leadership in aviation given the success of Poland’s Aviation Valley, a leading air space cluster for training, innovation and research.

As well, Trinidad and Tobago could use Poland’s planning expertise in agriculture to reduce its large food bill and become a regional centre for food processing of strategic crops like cocoa where there’s a distinct global advantage.

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