Green Industrialism and Innovation right in Tobago at the Cove

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The growth in eco-industrialism globally is a strategy for reducing the carbon footprint and in promoting smart technology innovation. The Cove Eco Industrial and Business Park in Tobago (CEIBP), is one of the first eco-industrial parks within the Caribbean. One definition of an Eco- Industrial park (EIP) by the Indigo Development Corporation Group (2006) is that it is a network of firms and organizations working together to improve their environment and economic performance to create an industrial eco-system.

Other definitions summarize an EIP as a community of manufacturing and service businesses, seeking enhanced environmental and economic performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues including:

•Water and

The Tobago House of Assembly (the THA) in keeping with its comprehensive development plan for diversifying the economy and in the process to cushion any adverse impact of the highly volatile tourism sector was instrumental in establishing the Cove Eco-Industrial and Business Park (CEIBP).

The CEIBP and its management body, the Eco-Industrial Development Company of Tobago (E-IDCOT) have been given the primary role to foster entrepreneurship, eco-industrialization and innovation in Tobago. Formed in 2009, E-IDCOT is a limited liability company fully owned by the THA and falls under the Division of Finance and Enterprise Development. E-IDCOT’s core mandate is to assist in the transformation and diversification of the economy of Tobago.

In keeping with this, its strategic objectives are:
(1)To attract foreign investment from entities that subscribe to the quality standards which are ISO 14001 specific and
(2)To develop Community/Tobago based entrepreneurial projects to a stage of domestic sustainability and export readiness.
E-IDCOT’s corporate offices are located at the T. McLeod building at the Cove, Canoe Bay Road, Lowlands, Tobago.
The services provided by E-IDCOT include:

•Investor sourcing and facilitation - conducting targeted investor sourcing programs through varied media, agency collaborations and direct campaigns and supporting interests that result therefrom. This also includes the development of investment proposals and in seeking/negotiating investment interest with selected enterprises.

•One Stop Shop – Business, Virtual Office, Set up Assistance, Technical support and After Care Support for entrepreneurs and investors

•Consultancy and Advocacy services – engaging on-ground agencies (government, financial and similar agents such as Invest TT, Export TT, Business Dev. etc.) to promote the needs of investors thereby enhancing the Tobago value proposition to encourage FDI

•On-site responsiveness (Tenant Relationship Management) – directly addressing individual requirements and proactively improving the environment at the CEIBP

•Project Management – from project design to construction.  Our project office handles a range of small, medium and large projects.

The key objectives of E-IDCOT going forward revolve around the development of the entrepreneurial capacity and to bring meaningful, export oriented businesses and investments to the Cove Park and to Tobago in general.

Interested persons/ investors can contact us at:
The Eco-Industrial Development Company of Tobago (E-IDCOT)
Corporate address: 1st Floor T.McLeod Building, Canoe Bay Road, Lowlands, TOBAGO
Voice: (1) 868-635-2683, (1) 868-660-2683, Fax: (1)- 868-631-2683
E-mail: or

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