A random, mini-party in the capital? Yes, this is Trinidad and you're all invited

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In sweltering heat last Friday afternoon, on Independence Square in downtown Port-of-Spain, near the statue of Arthur Andrew Cipriani who, after fighting in World War 1, returned to serve in politics and lead the labour movement, a production crew loaded a piano on the promenade and threw a party. This is Trinidad: work hard, party hard.

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Photo by David Wears

Actually, they were shooting the video for soca artist Bunji Garlin’s hit tune 
Carnival Tabanca, just weeks away from the Greatest Show on Earth, the biggest party of them all: Carnival.

It didn’t matter, as Bunji tells us at 1:12 that the radio stations were carrying inaccurate reports about the shoot — they got the exact song wrong — in Trinidad, rain or shine, the party will go on.

Soca is lighthearted, happy music. There are no sad love songs because even the most dire situations are spun into jump-and-wave ditties. Don’t believe me? Even Bunji admits his inspiration for this number (0:32) was a bout of the virus so grave and terrifying, he had to be lifted off the plane "like a piece of wood.”

Excellent business investment opportunities? Sure. But you know what they say about all work and no play. Trinidad is the place to work and live. Make light of problems. Smile. It’s the Trini thing to do. Sometimes, it can appear to defy logic, but maybe that is why we rank as one of the happiest countries in the world.

So here’s a full dose of “happy”— Soul Train Award winner Bunji Garlin’s Carnival Tabanca. Everyone — young, old, infirmed — gets in on it. You will, too.

CARNIVAL TABANCA - Bunji Garlin from Beach House Entertainment on Vimeo.

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