Enhanced film production incentive to bring the action to Trinidad

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Trinidad and Tobago’s strong film production incentive program is a compelling reason for international production companies to bring new projects to our country’s shores. Last February, the film incentive program was enhanced. The program now provides cash rebates of up to 50 percent for expenditures on qualifying local labor and 35 percent on other local expenditures. Here's a breakdown of the incentives:

                           trinidad film production rebate incentivises filmmakers

                    * The maximum rebate payable is US$1,500,000 (subject to exchange rate fluctuations)

trinidad film production rebate incentivises filmmakers
In a 
recent AOL video interview, lead actors Tatyana Ali (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), CCH Pounder (Avatar), and director Sudz Sutherland (Hungry Eyes Film & Television) discuss their experiences shooting “Home Again” in T&T instead of in Jamaica. “It [Jamaica] was much more costly, and Trinidad filled the void in the sense of it was less familiar with filming and it wanted to be introduced to a film as another place for location,” said Pounder.

The footprint of this film has been significant. Overall, it injected CDN$1.2 million back into the local economy and employed more than 1,000 Trinidadians. The film became the number-one Canadian film in box offices for three weeks in a row, screened to sold-out audiences in T&T, and won the 2013 BAFTA Festival Choice Award at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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