Invest in Trinidad and Tobago: Great location, great for business

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Voted number one for business costs, Trinidad and Tobago’s location below the hurricane belt, at the gateway to North and South America, makes it a great destination for businesses looking to these expanding markets.

According to an UNCTAD Global Investment Trends Monitor report last month, the world’s developing economies earned 52 percent of 2013's global FDI inflows. trinidad and tobago for business, pleasure and life

The Caribbean and Latin America region's 2013 results marked its fourth consecutive year of FDI growth, with an 18 percent increase in FDI, to US$294 billion. The Central America and the Caribbean block showed the greatest gains, with Caribbean economies recording a 38 percent increase in FDI inflows over 2012 figures.

Business executives know that recovery from the financial crisis of 2008 hinges on a politically and economically stable global value chain. This is where Trinidad stands out. There is a diversification plan afoot to exploit opportunities in sectors like agribusiness, financial services, tourism, maritime, manufacturing, renewables, film, fashion and music.

But how exactly does this small Caribbean country continue to drum up talk-of-the-town returns on investment? What makes Trinidad and Tobago so great for business? Why should you move here?

The answers in the next 7 minutes.

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