Reasons to Read Oxford Business Group’s Report on Trinidad and Tobago

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What does it mean when someone conducts a thorough 10-month evaluation on your economy and expresses confidence in it? I’d say it depends; it depends on who that someone is. If that someone is Oxford Business Group, then it’s a whole other matter.

Oxford Business Group provides a first hand evaluation of an economy by placing seasoned analysts to live and work on the ground to produce each of their reports. They are often cited in the Financial Times and the Economist. BBC has also referenced their reports as a source.   


The OBG Country Reports provide a select global audience with independent business intelligence.   Their subscribers regard So what does it mean?  First it probably means that you should read the report and get ahead of the pack to understand what OBG has to say about Trinidad and Tobago.  It probably also means that you should read the report quickly as the best kept secret of this investment powerhouse, providing mega market access is on the verge of a new wave of investment interest. But finally it means that you can trust the information that you find in the report as it provides a sober analysis including areas for possible concern and mitigation.the accuracy of the statistics and analysis in unchartered territories. The World Bank has indicated that they are “simply the most accurate and comprehensive reports on emerging markets available.”

Why do we want you to read the report?  We want you to read the report not just because InvesTT facilitated introductions to information sources, assisted in the research review process and provided administrative support to the locally based OBG team and not because the publication is endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister.  We want you to read the report because by the nature of it and the source of it, investors can rest assured that what we have been saying about the Trinidad and Tobago environment is more than our efforts to do our job and promote the country. 

Trinidad and Tobago is a cornucopia of opportunities waiting to be unearthed.   Far beyond the strength of our petrochemical industry, which is covered extensively in the report, the report also covers a number of other sectors including Agriculture, Banking, Capital Markets, Construction & Real Estate, Economy, Education & Health, Industry & Mining, Insurance, Legal Framework, Tax, Telecoms & IT, Tourism and Transport. 

The Report: Trinidad & Tobago 2015, providing an overall country profile, giving a very comprehensive and accurate review on the local sectors and industries with an interesting array of visitor guides, facts and figures was launched by the Oxford Business Group on 6th August in Port of Spain.

For more information on The Report: Trinidad & Tobago 2015, please visit

Oxford Business Group is a global publisher and consultancy producing annual investment and economic reports on more than 30 countries.


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