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Isn’t it better to receive than to give? It may be time to retire the old adage about it being better to give than receive. It is not uncommon at this time of year for fellow workers to do the traditional Secret Santa gift exchange. And it’s also quite common for corporate Trinidad and Tobago – and indeed countries across the globe to engage in philanthropic endeavours as the Yuletide season draws near. What is quite unexpected is how much more you receive from it than you could ever give.   This is precisely what we learned on Monday 21st December.  We identified a children’s home that was willing to give us that gift of fulfillment that you get from doing something for someone else. The happy recipients were 9 giftlings from Raffa House for boys and 10 from the Jairah Home for girls. Each member of staff was assigned a child and was responsible for purchasing a gift for that child.

Gifts all nicely wrapped and labeled were personally delivered to the two homes by InvesTT representatives who cherished the opportunity to meet their ‘giftling’ and interact with them. We were amazed by the enthusiasm of the children on the whole and their sheer delight to receive their gifts. In return what we received was simple and priceless – the joy of seeing the thrill, which this gesture brought to someone, we didn’t know, at Christmas.

What we realized from this is that whether you’re the Gates or the Zuckerbergs or far simpler people like us, if you truly want that priceless gift this Christmas give the gift of love to someone else.  We plan to continue receiving these wonderful gifts in the New Year and invite you to join us.

Raffa and Jairah House are the childrens’ homes of the Loveuntil Foundation. They provide shelter to abandoned and abused boys and girls. More information can be found at

Here are a few we found online:

For a list of all of the NGOs registered in Trinidad and Tobago click here


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