Trinidad and Tobago - Most Prosperous Country in the Caribbean

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Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) ranked 43rd globally out of 142 countries according to the 2015 Prosperity Index. T&T’s best performance was in the Personal Freedom sub-index, where it ranked 28th in the world.

The Prosperity Index is an exceptional and robust assessment of global wealth and wellbeing, benchmarking 142 countries according to their performance across eight equally weighted sub-indexes, and it reveals the most and least prosperous countries.

T&T’s high performance in Personal Freedom encompasses an evaluation of the country’s civil liberties, freedom of choice as well as whether the country is a good place for immigrants to live freely and safely.

Most of all, T&T exhibits that it embraces all races, cultures and religions. The vibrancy of this nation is demonstrated each year through cultural events like Carnival and religious festivals such as Divali, Phagwa and Christmas.

The index also ranked T&T favorably within the sub-index of Safety and Security whereby it takes into consideration the ability of the citizens to feel free to express their political opinions without fear.

Importantly, immigrants feel a sense of security and safety within this country as they can depend on a “Trinbagonian” in times of need.

Above all, the country’s current ranking as #1 for the most cost effective environment in the Caribbean and Central American region is an additional incentive for doing business in T&T.

For that reason, even if you aren’t considering the Caribbean as your next investment destination of choice, Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect location for any expat as it not only satisfies your business requirements but also your cultural, religious and other lifestyle requirements as well.

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