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3 Reasons Branson’s Virgin Atlantic and Everyone Else is Flocking to Tobago

Virgin’s return to Tobago should be no surprise. The idyllic vacation destination with myriad holiday options provides an equally compelling investment proposition. Virgin Atlantic’s resumption of flights to Tobago from March 2015 will have a stimulating impact on foreign direct investment for the twin island republic, as it opens doors to an increased number of potential investors.

According to Trinidadian born Andre Bello, Virgin’s Commercial Manager, “flights to Tobago will not be seasonal as previously done but will be year round”. Likewise, he is confident that the Caribbean market will continue to grow and that it would be a good year for Virgin Atlantic in the Caribbean and internationally.

Tobago, the sister isle of Trinidad, offers a distinctive and authentic Caribbean experience that provides an equally compelling proposition for visitors as well as investors.

Discover Tobago

Tobago has exceptional tourism attractions and is a prime eco destination, in contrast to the energized, fast paced and highly industrialized environment of Trinidad.  The spirit of Tobago is distinctive and beckons you to delight in its sensuality, its adventure and its relaxation.

The island is the second most southerly in the Caribbean, 20 minutes by plane and 2 1/2 hours by fast ferry from Trinidad. Each year over 800,000 visitors and returning nationals visit the country via plane and ferry. (Source: 1. Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago; 2. CSO)

Tobago has a personality of its own and is well known for its relaxed pace that allows you to enjoy a more peaceful way of life with little or no hassle.

1.      Tobago is the World‘s Leading Green Destination

Tobago has been recognized for outstanding achievements such as the “World’s Leading Ecotourism Destination” and “World‘s Leading Green Destination” from World Travel Awards. Some of this is attributed to the Main Ridge Rain Forest which boasts of being the oldest protected rain forest in the Western Hemisphere and was designated this status on April 17th, 1776. It is estimated that the rainforest provides habitats for 12 to 16 out of 90 mammal species in the Caribbean region, 24 non-poisonous snakes, 16 lizards and 220 species of birds that have been recorded, the most outstanding being the White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird that is both rare and endemic to Tobago.

2.      Sun, Sea, Sand and More.

Sure enough, the island’s beaches are mind-blowing.  According to Discover Trinidad and Tobago the tiny island has 10 top of the line beaches and can boast of being a beach-lover’s paradise. Tobago was also ranked number one in Scuba Diving Magazine’s Top 100 Reader’s choice poll for Advanced Diving.

Pigeon Point is the most renowned beach on the island and just a few minutes away from the Airport; if you fly to Tobago in the morning, you won’t sacrifice a minute of beach time. Mt Irvine is known as a surfing sanctuary for many of the island’s surfers, with its warm blue water and white sand beaches. Mt Irvine gives competition to the surfing capital of the Caribbean, delivering an adrenalin rush to skillful surfers who come to the island to experience these waves first-hand.

Beyond beautiful beaches, Tobago Jazz Experience has become one of the largest and most electrifying jazz festivals in the Caribbean every year during the month of April. It includes not only indigenous music from Trinidad and Tobago but also international performances. Some of the past performers have been George Benson, Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick and John Legend. It is definitely much more than music.

3.      The Possibility of a Vacation that Lasts a Lifetime

Investing in the blissful location could create the proverbial lifetime vacation. Think about your beach front (or other) business that never feels like work. The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) has developed a comprehensive plan for diversifying Tobago’s economy through the establishment of the Cove Eco-Industrial and Business Park (CEIBP). Its primary role is to foster entrepreneurship, eco-industrialization and innovation in Tobago, while adhering to a strategic objective to attract foreign investment and develop Tobago-based entrepreneurial projects.

While Virgin Atlantic continues to be committed to the Caribbean region, it is without a doubt that Tobago will benefit tremendously from this route. According to Andre Bello, “The Caribbean route in both directions has always performed well for Virgin Atlantic,” adding that the resumption of flights to Tobago fits in with the airline’s overall strategic plan.

Undeniably, the additional flights from Virgin Atlantic will increase tourism arrivals from the UK and Europe. At the same time it is expected to entice prospective investors to come and find out more about the island’s business offerings.

Trinidad and Tobago is a land of contrasts where you have many choices in business and in leisure and where you ultimately don’t have to choose between them, you can have both.

For more information on doing business in Trinidad and Tobago, please contact us at: or speak to one of our sector officers directly at +1 868 638 0038. InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago, the country’s investment promotion agency, is ready to work with you throughout your investment decision-making process.


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