3 New E-Services make Business Easier in Trinidad and Tobago

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Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) continues to modernize the way business is done through TTBizLink’s new e-Services. The service is intended to facilitate the ease of doing business in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), as well as to improve the nexus between governments, citizens and business through technology such as the Single Electronic Window (SEW).

TTBizLink’s SEW was first introduced in 2009 as a mechanism to transform traditional structures of public service to provide real time approvals to government businesses, and trade related services through a single interface.

To date, this service has undergone 3 phases of improvement and has over 6,500 registered users, plus it accommodates 45 transactional e-services administered by 24 government departments across 9 separate ministries.

As of April 2016, TTBizLink has introduced three additional modules that include 24 applications in the area of health, public utilities and maritime services. These new e-services will be in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Ministry of Public Utilities to ensure that the government processes facilitate the needs and requirements of the private and public sector.

Sequentially, it will facilitate the efficient movement and sale of antibiotics, pesticides and toxic chemicals; the arrival and departure of marine vessels; as well as building development and plumbing approvals.

As a result, TTBizLink will continue to expand and meet the requirements of an emergent and embryonic local economy.

Additionally, TTBizLink facilitates business savvy readiness in T&T through immediacy and efficiency in which your investment could happen. This service also allows you to complete the application online which results in the reduction of time taken to conduct several business and trade transactions as such E-Company Registration, E-Permits and Licenses, E-Certificates of Origin, E-Work Permits, E-Import Duty Concessions, E-Fiscal Incentives and more.

TTBizLink will continue to be a user friendly and modernized platform which encourages the business community and investors to connect with government agencies and conduct business.

Click here for more information on how TTBizLink can support with your business transactions.

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