• trinidad not only sun, sand and sea but business too

    A bastion of culture ripe for investment

    Posted 22 April 2014 12:00 AM by Investt

    The sun rises on Port-of-Spain, music blares from loud speakers atop large trucks and, from South Quay to upper Frederick Street to Ariapita Avenue, thousands of masqueraders and partygoers, some barely covered, jump, chip, and “wine" — there’s nothing skittish about this dancing — for two whole days. After this, Lent. Trinidad and Tobago, known the world over for this dazzling annual Carnival, is home to a broader, thriving cultural scene.

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  • bunji highlights trinidad living

    A random, mini-party in the capital? Yes, this is Trinidad and you're all invited

    Posted 6 February 2014 12:00 AM by Investt

    In sweltering heat last Friday afternoon, on Independence Square in downtown Port-of-Spain, near the statue of Arthur Andrew Cipriani who, after fighting in World War 1, returned to serve in politics and lead the labour movement, a production crew loaded a piano on the promenade and threw a party. This is Trinidad: work hard, party hard.

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