• strong economic ranking for trinidad in latam

    Trinidad ranks well in measures of economic freedom

    Posted 18 December 2013 12:00 AM by Investt

    The 2013 Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) report has been released, and once again, Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked among the best places in Latin America for the economic freedom it offers to foreign direct investors. Worldwide, Trinidad ranks 79th out of the 152 countries and territories that were ranked for economic freedom. It scored 6.95 out of a possible 10 points — above the worldwide average of 6.83 — across five identified key measures that comprise economic freedom.

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  • economic freedom

    International report gives high ranking to Trinidad’s economic freedom

    Posted 23 October 2012 12:00 AM by Investt

    In economic freedom for foreign investors Trinidad and Tobago ranks among the best in Latin America, according to the 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Report released last month. The index, compiled by Canadian think-tank the Fraser Institute, places Trinidad above the global average, ranking it 76th out of 144 countries.

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