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Is fertilizer produced locally?
  • There is one plant PCS Nitrogen that produces fertilizer. This company will have to be contacted directly to determine their fertilizer availability as they may already have fixed supply contracts. For more information visit PCS Nitrogen's website.
What investment projects are available in agriculture?
  • The Ministry of Agriculture periodically issues "request for proposals" for investors for the development and operation of commercial large farm sites throughout the country. Local and international applications are invited. The applications are reviewed by the Ministry. The Ministry provides the land and access routes but the developer must incur all costs to develop the land.
  • There are a number of cocoa estates throughout the country for sale or investment.

Clean Technology

Do we have net metering?
  • The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is the main energy producer and supplier in Trinidad and Tobago. The legislation has not be approved for grid interconnection and therefore the country has not reached the stage to require net-metering.
  • T&TEC is currently conducting trail interconnections with a few schools and community centers to determine if there are any problems with interconnecting.
  • T&TEC can consider allowing access to the grid on a case by case basis but Government approval will be required.
What is our renewable energy penetration?
  • T&T continues to have a heavy reliance on oil and gas and is only now making significant strides towards a real shift to renewable energy. The recent development includes draft legislation, trial interconnections, specific incentives and feasibility studies.
  • There have been a number of small companies that sell solar equipment and interest is increasing towards the assembly and ultimately manufacture of solar panels.
  • A number of homes throughout the country have solar water heaters.


What incentives are offered for filming in T&T?
  • The Ministry of Trade offers a 35% cash rebate on filming expenditures incurred in T&T.
What is the number of trained personnel in animation in T&T?
  • Certification - 2D Animation using Toon Boom technology
    • 60 persons – certification in animation (basic) – Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education
    • 20-25 persons – diploma in animation (advanced) – University of Trinidad and Tobago


What state lands are available for projects?
  • The Commissioner of State Lands is the Government body responsible for all land owned by the Government. The Commissioner currently has over 300,000 hectares of land under its purview.
  • Of this amount, 160,288 is available for productive activity. Land for agricultural purposes must be acquired from the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (e TecK) through its subsidiary the Asset Optimization Company owns and manages a network of Industrial Parks throughout the country. To access these lands a business plan must be submitted for approval.
Is the available land leasehold or freehold?
  • It depends on the specific area as some parts of the country are strictly leasehold such as Woodbrook and Newtown in the Capital city of Port of Spain.
  • All land space on our existing Industrial Parks are leasehold.
  • There is significant freehold land available throughout various parts of the country.
What incentives are available for investing in T&T?
  • Trinidad and Tobago boasts of a very investment friendly climate and offers a range of fiscal and other incentives for investment in various sectors.

For specific information on possible incentives for your project please contact InvesTT Limited at info@investt.co.tt.

Do we have a stock exchange? How many companies are listed? What is the net worth?
  • Yes we have a stock exchange – Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.
  • There are currently 33 companies listed on the Exchange.
  • For more information visit www.stockex.co.tt
How can an investor access financing for a project in T&T?
  • For agriculture projects financing can be accessed from the Agricultural Development Bank. Visit www.adbtt.com
  • For small and micro businesses requiring funding of TTD 250,000 and less funding can be accessed from the National Entrepreneurship Development Company (NEDCO). Please visit www.nedco.gov.tt
  • The Business Development Company (BDC) provides a loan guarantee programme to a maximum of TTD$500,000.00 or up to 85% of the loan value. Their focus is to assist companies to develop the capacity to export their products and services. Please visit www.bdc.co.tt
What are the labour restrictions in T & T?
  • Work permits are required for non-residents
  • Minimum wage laws
  • Occupational Health and Safety Laws
What facilities or institutions are available to assist with training?
  • Colleges
  • University of the West Indies and the University of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality Institute
  • Niherst (National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology)
  • Private schools offering tertiary training, both full time and part time tuition
What is the procedure for applying to set up a business in one of eTecK various industrial parks in Trinidad and Tobago? What are the requirements?
  • Please visit Tamana Intech Park’s website at www.tamana.com, or eTecK’s website at www.eteck.co.tt and apply online.

  • For further information please contact the Senior Commercial Analyst, Anthony Arjune, who manages the Industrial Parks in T&T.  His email address is Anthony.arjune@eteck.co.tt and telephone number is (868) 675-1989 ext. 2136.

If a company sets up manufacturing operations in T&T are the inputs imported free of duty/subsidised duty?
  • Any companies that is being established under the heading of ‘manufacturing’ will be considered for duty-free imports once it is using local content such as employment, material etc.

    Are there restrictions on how much of/when item can be sold in the domestic market?
    • No, there are no restrictions.
    How does one become an investor? What type of investors are T&T interested in? What do we mean by the term “Investor”?

    The Investor Sourcing and Facilitation Division, which is located in the state company, eTecK, is responsible for sourcing and facilitating investment in Trinidad and Tobago’s Clean Technologies, ICT, Creative Industries, Light Manufacturing, and Logistics / Marine Industries.  We are looking for companies to establish a commercial presence in Trinidad and Tobago in these high priority sectors. 

    But this is not to say one cannot establish a business outside these sectors as well.  You will need to let us know what industry or business you are interested in. In the meanwhile, you can visit our website to find out how to establish a business in T&T at www.investt.co.tt.

    What are the requirements for importing drugs into T&T?

    The Ministry of Health (MoH) needs to obtain a list of drugs that will be imported. MoH will check to see if drugs are registered in Trinidad & Tobago. If no, drugs are confiscated. If yes, the following applies:

    • Storage site has to be inspected and approved by the Drug Inspectorate Department.
    • Doctors and Pharmacists need to obtain a license for drug importation and redistribution:
      • Antibiotics & Narcotics - Ministry of Health, Drug Inspectorate Department, 63 Park Street, Port of Spain, Contact: 868-627-0010
      • Other Drugs - Ministry of Health, Food & Drugs Division, Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Contact: 868-624-5968
    • Apply for Importation and Withdrawal Certificate at the Drug Inspectorate Department.
    • Clear goods from Customs.

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