Setting up a Business

We know it's sometimes a hassle to set up or expand a business in another country, which is why we like to make things easier for you by providing as much assistance as you require throughout the entire process. The main steps to setting up are outlined below.


  • It only takes 3 days to incorporate a business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • You can conduct business online with TTBizLink

We can help you

Any person who wishes to incorporate a company in Trinidad and Tobago is required by law to register the business. There are several ways to register a business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company.

Whichever option you choose, InvesTT can guide you through the following requirements:

  • Registration of Business Name
  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Local Business registration
  • BIR, PAYE, & NIB Registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Change of Particulars of Registration (Business Name)
  • Request for Copies of Documents
  • Searches for Business Registration Documents

Step 1

All businesses must complete the first step in the process which is the reservation of a business name. The second step is different for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) which file articles of incorporation. You will use the following online tools to complete this process.

  • TTConnect is an integrated platform through which investors can access government information and services.
  • TTBizLink. This single electronic window gives you quick access to over 45 government e-services. By applying online you can speed up your business and trade transactions.

Business Name Approval/ Business Name Reservation

All new businesses must complete this step which is the reservation of a business name. This process takes 3 working days.

  1. Register with TTConnect to get a user name and password
  2. Log onto TTBizLink using the user name and password generated from TTConnect
  3. Once the name has been approved, you must complete the registration process (Step 2) within 20 days, before the approval expires. If not the entire process will have to be done from the beginning.

Manual submissions may be completed in duplicate with an attached fee of TT$25.00. Download Form here.

Step 2

Incorporate the Company

This step is for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) which file articles of incorporation. This process takes 3 working days. It must be completed within 20 days of having the business name approved.

  • Log onto TTBizLink using the user name and password generated from TTConnect
  • Once all requirements are met, the Registrar Of Companies shall issue a Certificate Of Incorporation

Manual submissions require the following forms in duplicate:

  • Name Approval/ Name Reservation Status form
  • Incorporation forms: - TT$520
  • Articles of Incorporation (Form1)
  • Notice of Address of Registered Office (Form 4)
  • Notice of Directors (Form 8)

For more information on registering your business, please visit the Ministry of Legal Affairs

Work Permits for Non-nationals

Non-nationals working in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one month must have a work permit. These are generally approved for senior management and technical positions.

Real Time Approvals through E Services

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has revolutionized business through TTBizLink. This single electronic window hosts at least 45 transactional e-services administered by 24 government departments across nine separate ministries.

TTBizLink has reduced the need to send duplicate information to many agencies and has improved information sharing among government agencies, resulting in real time approvals for your transactions.

This service allows you to complete the application online which results in the reduction of time taken to conduct several business and trade transactions as such E-Company Registration, E-Permits and Licenses, E-Certificates of Origin, E-Work Permits, E-Import Duty Concessions, E-Fiscal Incentives and more.



Our Investor Services team is just a call away and ready to assist you with your requirements.


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Aftercare Officer

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Senior Aftercare Officer


  Cost of Doing Business in Trinidad and Tobago

For more information on the Cost of Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago,

please refer to our publication: Cost of Doing Business.



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