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A recently concluded feasibility study into the establishment of the Silicon Industrial Cluster in Trinidad and Tobago has shown that the country can provide an ultralow cost of production with preferential market and often duty free access to over 1 billion people.  

The plants within this manufacturing complex would be:

1) Metallurgical Silicon (MGSi)
2) Polysilicon (PolySi)
3) Float Glass, and
4) Integrated Photovoltaic Manufacturing (Ingot, Wafer, Cell and Module) (PV)

Through an independently conducted feasibility study for the establishment of the Silicon Industrial Cluster, by the Float Glass Consortium (UK), Viridis IQ (Germany) and SiTek Limited (Trinidad), it was concluded that Trinidad was cost competitive against any global source of glass currently imported into Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.  The study has also shown Trinidad and Tobago to be in the top quartile for low cost silicon processing.  The cost savings from these contributor plants, which are lucrative investment opportunities individually, combined with the high quality of engineering talent available, will aid in allowing the country to produce low cost and high quality PV panels for the Americas.  

Value Proposition

Each of the proposed plants can operate independently at a substantial return to the investor; however, there are significant synergies and cost advantages in co-locating the plants. These advantages can be leveraged to establish a significant, high-tech manufacturing base, with a level of cluster-integration that is somewhat unique to a Trinidad and Tobago location viz:

•    Access to a low cost supply chain is the single biggest cost factor in manufacturing solar modules.
•    Trinidad and Tobago is a world leading low-cost manufacturing location
•    8th Lowest Energy Cost in the world
•    Unique geographic location means low shipping cost for raw materials and abundant access
•    Strategic access to markets in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe
•    A thriving petrochemical industrial base with all the requisite skill-sets.
•    Long history in constructing and operating industrial plants

Proposed Site

Two hundred and fifty (250) hectares of land in Point Lisas has been tagged as the site due to its proximity to Trinidad’s robust petrochemical and LNG industries next to the Port of Point Lisas. The location offers effortless access to the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Additional advantages of this site are its industrial infrastructure, industrial gas and chemicals, favourable geotechnical conditions and good electrical grid and utilities.

For more information on this opportunity contact:

Ms. Marcia Maynard

National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

Corner Rivulet and Factory Roads

Brechin Castle, Couva

Trinidad and Tobago

Telephone: 868 636 8471 ext 215



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