Industry: Clean Technology

Project: SIMPLEX


SIMPLEX’s integrated farming system the EcoPolyTunnel™ (EPT™) provides an innovative solution to address farming in remote/off-grid locations. The SIMPLEX EPT harvests rainwater, which is stored in subterranean tanks. The highly efficient EcoCooler™ lowers the temperature inside by as much as 10° below ambient to create optimum growing conditions for a wide range of crops.

The EPT can be powered solely by SIMPLEX EcoGen™ (PV) Roll‐Array or standard PV, whilst surplus solar energy is stored in latest generation AQUION Energy batteries to ensure 24/7 operation. The system can be monitored, reset, etc. in real time via secure internet (VPN) to SIMPLEX dashboard interface transmitting live data to the client’s computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. The construct is modular and scalable. No Certificate of Environmental Clearance is necessary the EPT can be quickly installed enabling food production to begin within a very short time. The EPT provides a sterile environment and is highly suited for growing crops using hydroponic or aquaponics techniques, limiting the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

The solution is intended to have an immediate and significant impact on Trinidad and Tobago making a creditable thrust for significant economic returns while supporting diversification; assisting in alleviating the challenges faced by the agricultural and food production sector.

SIMPLEX is seeking to do a pilot project which will allow for comparative evaluation of the potential increased benefits of the SIMPLEX system in relation to other greenhouses, permaculture and alternative agricultural practices currently being used in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). The company has partnered with UWI to proof and confirm its suitability for T&T; RMSL whose engineers are easily qualified to provide installation, support and maintenance of SIMPLEX equipment, and InvesTT who will assist in identifying the best fit Partner(s) to proliferate the pilot proposal.

An opportunity exists for investment/partnership with SIMPLEX. The purpose of seeking a co-venture is to provide mutually beneficial capacity to assist in realizing SIMPLEX’s vision. SIMPLEX is looking for a partner(s) who can mutually benefit and work with them, either as part of the value chain, benefiting from increased crop production and/or the R&D opportunities to trial new crops (e.g. bio-crops, pharma-crops, imported soft fruits, etc.) and/or companies with an interest in being a part of the SIMPLEX value chain (such as support services companies who might wish to get involved in installing and supporting the EPTC. As such they are seeking potential partners who are interested in co-funding the pilot as it demonstrates intent and commitment by potential partners.


  • The opportunity to be part of a pioneering project that could shape the future of agriculture in T&T
  • Reduced cost for rolling out this equipment to their own farms & farmers
  • Opportunity to take stock in SIMPLEX
  • The investor will keep the pilot equipment, once the trial has concluded
  • Higher yields of crops at lower running costs

Total Investment Required: TT$ 1,000,000

Type of Investor Required:

  • A farmer seeking latest technology to increase crop yield
  • An investor looking for investment opportunities in the agriculture sector
  • An industrial partner seeking to secure/diversify supply of goods / extend his supply chain






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