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Digital Technology at the fore in Trinidad and Tobago: MobiWorld Caribbean

Caribbean Ideas CEO Chike Farrell discusses MobiWorld Caribbean

The Caribbean Digital Expo (CDX) is proud to present MobiWorld Caribbean, a conference on digital technology which will be held on October 25th at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Building upon the success of the Caribbean Digital Expo in November 2011, MobiWorld Caribbean is focused on mobile technology with an aim to drive results for businesses and enhance technology careers in the region.

The two-day event with a roster of over 15 speakers is dedicated to exploring:

  • How businesses can harness mobile technology to drive sales, enhance service delivery and connect better with their customers
  • How Caribbean developers can build their app development skills and unlock career opportunities tied to mobile development

The key discussion is the significant potential impact that mobile technology can and will have on the way that regional businesses deliver services or sell their products, as well as the ways that brands engage their target customers.

“Mobile is an area that intrigues many but is not well understood,” said Chike Farrell, the CEO of Caribbean Ideas and head of the CDX team behind the MobiWorld Caribbean event.

“Businesses and developers alike all around the world are doing amazing things with mobile technology, yet it stood out to us that it wasn’t quite happening regionally. This event is meant to address two of the key challenges that we observed in this area, namely knowledge and finances. We can’t impact things like infrastructure, but we can help people understand best practices, the truth about the current market reality and how they can still position themselves to take advantage.”

Mobile: An untapped opportunity in the Caribbean

Mobile technology is rapidly becoming more prominent in the Caribbean. At present:

  • There is extremely high mobile phone penetration in many countries
  • The Caribbean is in the early stages of new mobile broadband technology being introduced regionally
  • In comparable economies, mobile is emerging as the dominant means of Internet access

Beyond these, however, the Caribbean is still lagging behind where it could and should be, with a huge untapped opportunity in using mobile for entrepreneurs, developers and established businesses alike.

MobiWorld Caribbean aims to contribute to the technology scene by expanding the knowledge of best practices and opportunities in applying mobile technology for businesses, and helping developers unlock more career success by honing mobile development skills. The event is focused on painting a practical, reality-focused picture that would help attendees plan and position themselves to take full advantage of mobile’s potential.

The event consists of two sessions which will run concurrently in separate rooms:

The Business Day

This day has been designed for leaders of established and entrepreneurial businesses alike who have been observing the rapid evolution in mobile adoption locally, as well as the global explosion in application development. The event will be of particular value to Caribbean business leaders across general management, marketing and IT who have been observing these trends and wondering to themselves how big an opportunity this presents for their regional businesses, how soon they should focus on this area, and what are the ways they can appropriately utilize mobile technology.

The business day will feature speakers including the Head of Mobile at CNN Money / Fortune magazine, the VP of Account Management and sales at global mobile agency Iconmobile and more, speaking about trends in using mobile to drive sales, engage customers and how to manage mobile projects.

The Developer Day / Workshop

The Caribbean can boast a number of talented web developers, yet few today can claim to have built mobile service businesses that are not only used by large numbers of people, but also crucially are commercially viable for the creators.

The developer day is specifically for intermediate to advanced developers, and will provide a mix of hands-on training in mobile coding best practices, and sessions that will expose attending developers and technology-minded entrepreneurs to best practices in bringing applications to market.

Featuring deeply experienced speakers, the developer day will feature development trainers from cross-platform development tool Phonegap, Blackberry experts and mobile entrepreneurs/venture capitalists with experience bring mobile projects to market successfully.

An App Idea Competition

The core conference days focus on boosting knowledge of the potential of mobile. The final component of this initiative is an app idea contest designed to also influence the financing and incentives available to potential creators of innovating mobile services.

A major challenge faced by Caribbean entrepreneurs and developers with technology-focused ideas has always been the ability to get funding to bring those ideas to life, given the lack of a developed venture capital / funding ecosystem for software-focused innovations.

The MobiWorld app idea contest will help the winners bring their ideas for mobile services or applications to life, with US$12,500 available for design and development support for the winners along with mentorship to commercialize the ideas.

For more information on the MobiWorld Caribbean event, please visit the official website:

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